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A Little Bit of History
extracted from "The History of Hardin County"
Published by WARNER, BEERS & CO. in 1883.

Hardin County was formed in 1820 and was named in honor of Colonel John Hardin. Hardin was a Revolutionary War leader who was slain by Ohio Indians in 1792 while on a peace mission as an ambassador from President Washington.

The first election in Hardin County after its organization was held on the 1st of April, 1833, the voting place being at the cabin of Jonathan Carter in the village of Round Head. The township of Round Head was the only subdivision then organized in the county, but it embraced within its limits a large scope of country now included in several townships subsequently erected from its territory.

On the 8th of October, 1833, the regular annual election took place, there being at that time but four organized townships in Hardin County, viz.. Round Head, Taylor Creek, Blanchard and Dudley.

The Townships of Goshen, Cessna and Pleasant were erected in 1834, the two former in the spring, and the latter in the fall of that year.  Between the elections held in Goshen and Cessna Townships, in May and October, 1834, Pleasant Township was erected. 

During the legislative session of 1832-33, Ira Page, Abner Snoddy and Edward L. Morgan were appointed by the General Assembly to select a location for the county seat of Hardin County. In due time, they decided upon the site of Kenton, and accordingly reported at the September term of the Court of Common Pleas, in session at Fort McArthur.

HARDIN COUNTY is bounded on the north by Hancock and Wyandot Counties, on the east by Wyandot and Marion, on the south by Union and Logan, and on the west by Auglaize and Allen.

It is divided into fifteen townships, and originally embraced thirty-seven sections, now included in Wyandot County which was erected February 3, 1845. Prior to the organization of Hardin County, the township of Round Head was erected, and comprised a large scope of territory north and east of its present boundaries. We ... here give the date of the first election held in each township, which designates the time of their organization under the jurisdiction of Hardin County.

Round Head Township, April 1, 1833;
Taylor Creek, May 1, 1833:
Blanchard, May 4, 1833;
Dudley, October 8, 1833:
Goshen, May 24, 1834;
Cessna. May 31, 1834;
Pleasant, October 14, 1834;
Hale, June 25, 1835;
Marion, April 1, 1836:
Jackson, April 4, 1836;
Washington. April 4, 1836;
McDonald. June 18, 1836,
Liberty, October 10, 1837;
Buck, April 7 , 1845;
Lynn, was erected September 8, 1857

County Website: http://www.co.hardin.oh.us

County Records

Clerk of Courts [Court Records from 1833 ]
Courthouse, Public Square
Kenton, OH 43326;
(419) 673-6283

County Recorder [ Land Records from 1831 ]
One Courthouse Sq
Suite 220
Kenton, OH 43326
Fax: 419-675-2802 , [EMAIL]

Clerk of Probate Court
1 Courthouse Square
STE 210
Kenton OH 43326 2301

[Probate Records from 1830 , Marraige Records from 1833 , Birth / Death Records from 1867-1908]
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