Hardin County Tidbits
1850 Mortality Schedule

How Are We Related - A pictorial view to help you better understand famiy relationships, ie: second cousin, third cousin once removed, etc

Ohio Boundaries - This picture will aid you in VERY EARLY Ohio research, when county boundaries varied greatly from their current lines.

Cemetery Locations - A listing of all cemeteries currently identified in Hardin County.  Please note that the HCGS Reference is a pin number that marks the location on a map at the center.

Current Hardin County Schools

Center Holdings - A listing of various books, records, and miscellaneous items at the center.  The center has a vast array of resources available.  A trip to the center would definitely worth your while if you want to go through the information available.  The only problem that you might have is going through everything in your alloted time!

Kenton's firsts - Listing of many "Kenton First's" such as post office, mills, log cabins, jail. Gives current address where they once stood"

Hardin History - A little bit of Hardin County History, including the dates that each township was established.

Three Century Calendar - A visual tool to help you determine the day of week that an event occured.
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