Ohio Military Men, Civil War

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We are currently identifying as many Hardin County men as possible who were from Liberty and Jackson Townships and served in the Civil War.  If you have anyone you would like to add to our list, please contact us.  We will list those who served from the township at a later date.

We have found the following in Woodlawn Cemetery.  If you know of anyone who is interred there and is not on our list, or if you have material you would like to share with us, please contact us at the center.

Adams, William C.
Arbuthnot, George A.
Baum, George E.
Baum, Thomas J.
Bell, Moses C.
Bevan, John
Bigelow, James G.
Black, Adin
Black, Avery
Black, Henry
Black, John H.
Black, Robert F.
Black, Thomas Jefferson
Bodell, James I.
Bodge, John Merit
Borden, Andrew J.
Bowers, Samuel B.
Brundage, James S.
Burkart, Johna
Butterfoss, C. W.
Bybee, Wesley
Carey, Charles C.
Carey, George
Carey, Thomas H.
Charles, Milton S.
Clabaugh, Henry S.
Clabaugh,  John
Clark, Lloyd H.
Cole, John
Collins, David W.
Collins, John B.
Collins, Oscar E.
Cox, James E.
Craig, John W.
Cummans, David
Davenport, John
Davenport, Ralph
Davis, Isaac H.
Davis, Thomas F.
Davis, William
Delong, Isaac
Dickens, Edward
Dodge, Henry
Dodge, Reuben
Doling, Oliver W.
Drury, Samuel
Engle, Joseph Gilbert
Engle, Samuel T.
Enos, Rinaldo Smith
Evans, Julius Benson
Farrar, Edward J.
Fritz, Eli
Gardner, James
Gardner, William M.
Garwood, Isaac
Garwood, John
Gilbert, David D.
Gilbert, Harlo M.
Gilbert, Martin V.
Gilbert, Robert P.
Goldsmith, James J.
Gordon, John O.
Griner, Daniel
Grubb, Jacob R.
Grubbs, James W.
Guider, Charles A.
Hall, William
Hamilton, Jonathan
Harmony, alexander
Harp, John
Harris, Anderson C.
Head, Cary A.


Heffelfinger, James
Heller, William Henry
Helsey, D. E.
Hill, John Wesley
Hill, Robert
Housan, W. H.
Huston, W. W.
Hutchinson, James B.
Isham, Martin
Johnson, Henry
Johnston, Joseph
Johnson, Sylvester W.
Johnson, William E.
Keckler, Jeremiah W.
Kelly, Andrew S.
Kindle, James L.
Krisher, Jeremiah
Landon, Luzern E.
Lehr, Henry S.
Leinard, Jacob
Lloyd, William
Longworth, Jacob Milton
Marshall, Thomas
Mathews, Melvin J.
Melhorn, Michael
Miller, Andrew
Miller, James
Miller, Joseph
Moore, William H.
Morrow, William H.
Mustard, James
Mustard, John H.
Mustard, William H.
McElhaney, John A.
Mcelroy, Hamilton
McElroy, Hugh G.
McElroy, James B.
McElroy, James J.
McElroy, Thomas D.
McGinnis, Moses Wood
McLaughlin, John W.
Nelson, James M.
Neubert, Robert
Noggle, John
Obenour, Jacob
Obenour, John
Oberlin, John
Parlette, John
Patterson, John H.
Patterson, Samuel
Perry, Christopher
Perry, Franklin M.
Phillips, James
Pingree, William M.
Poling, Jacob
Poling, Lewis S.
Poling, Nathan
Povemire, Mahlon
Price, Adam F.
Pugh, John C.
Pugh, Samuel Allison
Ramsdell, William R.
Reed, William B.
Reedy, Robert
Reedy, William H.
Rice, John Fred
Rice, Squire
Richeson, Leonidas
Ries, Christian Frederick
Rinehart, Valentine
Rogall, Albert
Rowles, George
Rowles, James W.


Rowles, William T.
Runser, John
Runser, Robert W.
Russell, Travis S.
Rutledge, B. T.
Rutledge, Richard
Schertzer, Simon
Shanks, John
Sherer, Daniel
Sherfick, William
Shively, Isaac
Shurtz, William D.
Sherer, Daniel C.
Siniff, Thomas
Slechter, Jacob
Smith, James C.
Smithstemple, John L.
Snow, Freeman
Souder, John T.
Speer, Charles R.
Stocker, Charles F.
Storer, Charles V.
Storer, David
Stum, Phillip W.
Stum, Thomas
Stumm, Calvin E.
Summerville, James
Thomas, Charles N.
Thomas, Hiram
Thompson, David
Thompson, John M.
Thompson, J. Robert
Urich, William
Violet, Samuel B.
Wells, James H.
Wells, John
Westhoven, Armond D.
Willard, Richard
Williams, J. H.
Williams, James P.
Williams, Thomas
Wilson, Charles Edward
Wilson, Samuel
Wilson, William D.
Wingate, Ebenezer
Wise, Thomas J.
Woodruff, Robert T.
Wooley, Ira E.
Worrell, George
Worrell, Norris
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