Hardin County Genealogy Society
211 W Franklin St
PO Box 520
Kenton, OH  43326
(419) 674-4088
The center is located 1 block west of the Court House, and is right next to the cinema.

emailaddress -- EHARDINCOUNTYG@COLUMBUS.rr.com

Sept. 2 - 7   The Center is closed but we will be located in the air conditioned Community Building.   Come join us.

  Hours of operation*:

  Monday:        Closed
  Tuesday:       6 - 9 pm
   (closed Nov. -Mar.)

  Wednesday:     1 - 5 pm
  Thursday:      1 - 5 pm
  Friday:        Closed

2014 Officers:




Recording Secretary

Corresponding Secretary:

Kathy Hines

David Rish

Doris Williams-Blum

Ron Marvin

Carole Downey

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*Out of town visitors - If you are planning a trip to Hardin County, and our hours do not fit your needs, please let us know.  We can open our doors at other times upon special request. 

Please contact Gene Cornell for arrangements.
Home phone:  419-673-8221
Cell phone:     419-674-3518
Welcome to our web site, please be patient with us, we are updating frequently.
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Our officers are dedicated to making the center the best that it can be.  We are proud to represent Hardin County and it's many citizens and ancestors.

It is always nice to put a face to a name.  Click here to Meet the officers
No organization can run without the work of volunteers.  In addition to our hard-working officers, we have several dedicated volunteers, who cheerfully give their time to the center to keep it running and to assist others in their research.  Click here to meet some of our volunteers.